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Parcels for King County with Address, Property and Ownership Information

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Subject category: property
Title: Parcels for King County with Address, Property and Ownership Information
Feature Count: 0
Feature Type: Polygon
Abstract: A parcel based layer providing an address based on spatial overlay where available, and a range of other property related attributes. To produce PARCEL_ADDRESS_AREA , PARCEL_AREA is spatially joined to ADDRESS_POINT to obtain address attributes, KROLLIDX_AREA to obtain a Kroll page reference, INTRMPAA_AREA to obtain potential annexation area attributes, and PLSS_AREA to obtain section-township-range. It is also joined on PIN to RPACCT_EXTR, PARCEL_EXTR, CONDOCOMPLEX_EXTR, and CONDOUNIT_EXTR to obtain property, taxpayer, and assessment related attributes from the KC Assessor office. In many cases multiple addresses are spatially coincident with one parcel, and in those cases only one arbitrarily selected address is used to populate the address attribute information.
Purpose: Provide an external GIS based source of address, property, and owner information to the King County integrated permitting system. This layer was designed to meet the specific needs of the Permit Integration implementation team. A secondary benefit of the production of this layer is to supply a combination of parcel number and address information that is updated regularly and benefits from the continuous maintenance of parcels by the Dept. of Assessments and of addresses by the E-911 Program Office. It is important to note that not all parcels have structures with assigned addressed, and that some parcels have multiple addresses. In the later case this layer provides only one address for each parcel, and that address is determined by the database structure. There is currently no designation of a primary address.
Status: Complete
Updated: Weekly
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD):: 20121130
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: -
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
GIS Portal Distribution: Yes
Place Keywords: Pacific NW, King County, Washington state, WA,
Theme Keywords: property,
Lineage: Not available


Maintained by:
King County GIS Center
Primary: Paul McCombs, Master GIS Analyst, 206-263-0142
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Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

Attribute Information

_MAJOR_First six characters of the parcel identification number (PIN) Six character code derived from PLSS or plat number. eg 092503 for section 9 in township 25, range 3.
_MINOR_Last four characters of the parcel identification number (PIN) 4 characters or numbers
_PIN_Parcel Identification Number Ten character concatenation of the Major and Minor field
_COMMENTS_Additional information Free text
_SITETYPE_Internal code used to adjust the symbology of the site within the backoffice software See metadata for ADDR_SITETYPE_LUT.
_Alias1_This is an alternate name that has been applied to the street that the site is located on Free text
_Alias2_This is a secondary alternate name that has been applied to the street that the site is located on
_SITEID_Unique identifier
Range Min:7.0
Range Max:2954765.0
_ADDR_HN_House number Number as a string
_ADDR_PD_Prefix directional String, e.g., E, N, NE, NW, S ...
_ADDR_PT_Prefix street type String, e.g., AVE, DR, HWY, LN, PL, RD, ST, STHY
_ADDR_SN_Street name String, all capital letters, such as 101ST, LINDEN, QUEEN ANNE
_ADDR_ST_Suffix street type String, e.g., ACRD, ALY, AVE, BLVD, ... VIA, VIS, WALK, WAY
_ADDR_SD_Suffix street directional String, e.g., E, N, NE, NW, S, SE, SW, W
_ADDR_NUM_House number Integer
_ADDR_FULL_Complete address with house number, street name, street type, and directional String, e.g., 103RD AVE SW, 4135 FAUNTLEROY WAY S
_FULLNAME_Complete street name with type and directional, but no house number String, all capital letters, such as: 83RD AVE NE, YUKON AVE S, ZURS ST
_ZIP5_Five digit ZIP code String
_PLUS4_Plus 4 or add-on code to complete 9 digit ZIP code String
_LAT_Latitude coordinate
Range Min:47.14117122
Range Max:47.77783971
_LON_Longitude coordinate
Range Min:-122.52758943
Range Max:-121.08982007
_POINT_X_Washington North State Plane easting coordinate
Range Min:1220434.5515
Range Max:1577313.259
_POINT_Y_Washington North State Plane northing coordinate
Range Min:53466.1110416
Range Max:287615.999696
_COUNTY_County in which the address point is located
_KROLL_Kroll Map Book Page number String, i.e., 1, 10, etc.
_JURIS_Jurisdiction planning to annex this area
BDBlack Diamond
FWFederal Way
GPGaps - Urban areas which are not within the designated PAA of any city
MVMaple Valley
NBNorth Bend
OLOverlaps - Urban Areas which are within the designated PAA of two or more cities (contested areas)
_BIG_TEN_What remains of the ten largest unincorporated urban areas of King County as determined many years ago. Used for required reporting purposes.
East Federal Way
East Renton
Kent Northeast
Lea Hill
North Highline
West Hill
_BUDGET_UNIT_Named subsets of data used for budget forcasting
East Federal WaySame as Big Ten area
East Renton: Preserve Our PlateauA portion of the Big_Ten value "East Renton" defined by the "Preserve Our Plateau" proposed annexation to Renton
East Renton: RemainderA portion of the Big_Ten value "East Renton"
Fairwood - Prop IncorporationIncorporation
Fairwood: RemainderA portion of the Big_Ten value "Fairwood"
Kent NortheastSame as Big_Ten area
KlahanieSame as Big_Ten area
Lea HillSame as Big_Ten area
North Highline: RemainderSame as Big_Ten area
Other Urban Island RemaindersUnincorporated Urban Areas not in a named Budget_Unit and not part of the Rural Expansion (rx) Comp. Plan Landuse designation
Redmond Ridge and TrilogyArea defined by Redmond Ridge and Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Urban Planned Developments (upd) Comp. Plan Landuse designation
Rural City Expansion AreaUnincorporated Urban Areas in the Rural Expansion (rx) Comp. Plan Landuse designation
West HillSame as Big_Ten area
_KCTP_CITY_King County tax payer's address city City name extracted from CITYSTATE value from source
_KCTP_STATE_King County tax payer's address state
_PLSS_Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Quarter Section. Concatenation of the PLSS quarter section, section, township, and range values Quarter Section-Section-Township-Range, e.g., NE 17-22-9
_PROP_NAME_Property name: Common identifier for parcel when available String, such as BICKS BROADVIEW GRILL
_PLAT_NAME_Name of formal plat parcel belongs to, if applicable String, such as BROOKHURST 2ND ADD
_PLAT_LOT_Plat lot number when available String such as 15-16-17 or ALL
_PLAT_BLOCK_Plat BlockString, such as 4
_PRESENTUSE_Coded value describe the present use of the property
2Single family (residential use / zone)
6Single family (C/I Zone)
8Mobile home
9Single family (C/I use)
16Apartment (Mixed use)
17Apartment (Co-op)
18Apartment (Subsidized)
20Condominium (Residential)
25Condominium (Mixed use)
29Townhouse plat
38Mobile home park
48Condominium (Mobile Home Park)
49Retirement facility
51Hotel or motel
55Rehabilitation center
56Residence Hall or Dorm
57Group home
58Resort / Lodge / Retreat
59Nursing home
60Shopping Center (Neighborhood)
61Shopping Center (Community)
62Shopping Center (Regional)
63Shopping Center (Major retail)
64Shopping Center (Speciality)
96Retail (Line / Strip)
101Retail store
104Retail (Big box)
105Retail (Discount)
106Office building
118Office Park
122Medical or Dental office
126Condominium (Office)
137Greenhouse / Nursery / Horticulture service
138Mining / Quarry / Ore processing
140Bowling Alley
142Driving Range
143Golf Course
145Health Club
147Movie Theatre
149Park, Public (Zoo \ Abroretum)
150Park, Private (Amusement Center)
152Ski Area
153Skating Rink (Ice / Roller)
156Sport Facility
160Auditorium / Assembly Building
161Auto Showroom and Lot
163Car Wash
165Church / Welfare / Religious Services
167Convenience Store without Gas
168Convenience Store with Gas
171Restaurant (Fast Food)
172Governmental Service
179Mortuary / Cemetary / Crematory
180Parking (Commercial Lot)
182Parking (Garage)
183Restaurant / Lounge
184School (Public)
185School (Private)
186Service Station
188Tavern / Lounge
189Post Office / Post Service
190Vet / Animal Control Service
191Grocery Store
193Daycare Center
194Mini Lube
202High Tech / Tech Flex
210Industrial Park
216Industrial Park
223Industrial (General Purpose)
245Industrial (Heavy)
246Industrial (Light)
247Air Terminal and Hangers
252Mini Warehouse
261Terminal (Rail)
262Terminal (Marine / Commercial Fishery)
263Terminal (Grain)
264Terminal (Auto / Bus /Other)
266Utility, Public
267Utility, Private (Radio / TV)
271Terminal (Marine)
272Historic Property (Residence)
273Historic Property (Office)
274Historic Property (Retail)
275Historic Property (Eat / Drink)
276Historic Property (Loft / Warehouse)
277Historic Property (Park / Billboard)
278Historic Property (Transient Facility)
279Historic Property (Recreation / Entertainment)
280Historic Property (Misc)
299Historic Property (Vacant Land)
300Vacant (Single-family)
301Vacant (Multi-family)
309Vacant (Commercial)
316Vacant (Industrial)
323Reforestation (RCW 84.28)
324Forest Land (Class - RCW 84.33)
325Forest Land (Desig-RCW84.33)
326Open Space (Curr Use-RCW84.34)
327Open Space(Agric-RCW 84.34)
328Open Space Timber Land / Greenbelt
331Reserve / Wilderness Area
332Right of Way / Utility, Road
333River / Creek / Stream
334Tideland, 1st Class
335Tideland, 2nd Class
336Transferable Development Rights
337Water Body, Fresh
339Shell Structure
340Bed and Breakfast
341Rooming House
342Fraternity / Sorority House
_LOTSQFT_Lot square footage
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:76369643.0
_LEVYCODE_Code indicating which levy district the parcel belongs to. Used to determine the property taxes 4 digit integer as string
_LEVY_JURIS_Name of municipal jurisdiction that the levy code is associated with. Same as DISTRICT field in RPACCT_EXTR. Note, the tax appraisal and billing calendar requires a delay of up to several months between municipal annexations and the update of this field City or district name, capitalized
_NEW_CONSTR_Derived from RPACCT_EXT.NEWCONSTRUCTIONFLAG field, New construction indicator
_TAXVAL_RSN_Alias: tax_value_reason, Taxable value reason
_APPRLNDVAL_Alias: appraised_land_value, Appraised land value (market value of the land)
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:933162100.0
_APPR_IMPR_Alias: appraised_improvements_value, Appraised improvement value (market value of the improvements)
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:723548300.0
_TAX_LNDVAL_Alias: taxable_land_value, Taxable land value (value of the land excluding exemptions)
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:145496300.0
_TAX_IMPR_Alias: taxable_improvements_value, Taxable improvement value (value of the improvements excluding exemptions)
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:344050966.0
_ACCNT_NUM_Alias: account_number, Account number unqiue for all tax accounts. May be multiple accounts for a given parcel
_KCTP_NAME_Alias: taxpayer_name, Name on record responsible for property tax. This item is not available in the version of the dataset that is downloadable from the KCGIS Center GIS Data Portal.
_KCTP_ATTN_Alias: taxpayer_attention_line, Attention line for taxpayer's address.This item is not available in the version of the dataset that is downloadable from the KCGIS Center GIS Data Portal.
_KCTP_ADDR_Alias: taxpayer_address, street address line for taxpayer's address. This item is not available in the version of the dataset that is downloadable from the KCGIS Center GIS Data Portal.
_KCTP_CTYST_Alias: taxpayer_city_state, City and state for taxpayer's address. This item is not available in the version of the dataset that is downloadable from the KCGIS Center GIS Data Portal.
_KCTP_ZIP_Alias: taxpayer_zipcode, ZIP code for taxpayer's address. This item is not available in the version of the dataset that is downloadable from the KCGIS Center GIS Data Portal.
_KCTP_TAXYR_Alias: tax_year, Year in which the valuation fields were officially valid
_KCTP_PAR_Alias: parcel, Parcel Identification Number
_UNIT_NUM_Alias: unit_number, Condominium unit number
_BLDG_NUM_Alias: bldg_number, Condominium building number
_CONDOSITUS_Alias: condo_situs, Situs Address of condominium complex, where available
_QTS_PLSS quarter section parcel is in
_SEC_PLSS section parcel is in
_TWP_PLSS township parcel is in
_RNG_PLSS range parcel is in
_legaldesc_Abbreviated legal description when available
_PRIMARY_ADDR_Set to one, used to facilitate layer use in Accela Automation


Access: None

Use: King County data are made available with the understanding that they shall be used exclusively by the obtainer or his/her authorized agents. Digital products may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form or by any means without the express written authorization of King County.