King County GIS Center
King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St.
Suite 706
Seattle, WA 98104

+ 47.59909 N
- 122.33136 W

+ 47°  35' 56.72"
- 122° 19' 52.90"

Spatial Data Catalog:

Datasets located in the subject folder: RECREATN

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File NameData TypeTitleSubject FolderAgencyAbstract
activity pointmaint.PARKS.activity_pointrecreatnParksThe data delives from facility point and park point to identify ...
activity_site areaKing County Parks Activity SiterecreatnParksThe data is derived from facilities point in order to function ...
bct_general_display lineBackcountry Trails for General DisplayrecreatnParksSimplified backcountry trails line data. Trail name may not be the ...
bct_lookup tableBackcounty trails lookup tablerecreatnParksThis is a reference table In the ParksTools process to create ...
fitness_challenge table2012 Fitness Challenge LocationrecreatnParksThis table has fitness challenge location, description and intensity of each ...
park areaParks in King CountyrecreatnParksPublic parks within King County. City parks and other agency parks ...
park_address_table tablePark AddressesrecreatnParksPark address information.
park_and_trail_facilities_table tablePark and Trail Facilities Information for Online Park Map (ParkFinder)recreatnParksMega table with facilities type and count for each park/trail.
park_facility pointmaint.PARKS.Park_Facility_PointrecreatnParks No Abstract
park_facility_carto tablePark Facility Cartographic Lookup TablerecreatnParksLook-up (relate) table listing those PARK_FACILITY_POINT features that are required for ...
park_info_table tablePark information tablerecreatnParksTable with park planning and classification information.
park_label pointmaint.PARKS.Park_Label_PointrecreatnParks No Abstract
park_property areamaint.PARKS.Park_Property_ArearecreatnParks No Abstract
parkopdist areamaint.PARKS.ParkOpDist_ArearecreatnParks No Abstract
regional_trail_general_display lineGeneralized Regional Trails for Online Park Map (ParkFinder)recreatnParksSimplified regional trail line data. Trail name may not be the ...
trail linemaint.PARKS.Trail_linerecreatnParks No Abstract