Common Points of Interest for King County

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What does this data set describe?

Title: Common Points of Interest for King County
Authoritative Points-of-Interest layer for King County. Contains over 45 different domain classes showing locations and names for a range of different features. Some classes of features are extensively documented (such as school sites and hospitals) while other classes represent a selected set of all the features of that type (such as hotels and shopping centers). Each feature is represented by a single point describing the centroid of the feature. Multiple points for a single XY coordinate may exist if more than one domain is represented. In other words, a single feature may represent a hospital, but that same point may be represented by another feature (i.e., record) described as a Public Health Clinic. Signficant reviews/updates across a specific domain are described in the Lineage of COMMON_INTEREST_POINT and any domain-specific datasets; other corrections and adhoc updates are not detailed in the Lineage.
Supplemental_Information: None
  1. How should this data set be cited?

    County, King, 20090930, Common Points of Interest for King County: King County, King County, WA.

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  2. What geographic area does the data set cover?

    West_Bounding_Coordinate: -122.637058
    East_Bounding_Coordinate: -121.126345
    North_Bounding_Coordinate: 47.958349
    South_Bounding_Coordinate: 47.135430

  3. What does it look like?

    <> (JPG)
    JPG File of layer overlain on base of WA counties or local cities

  4. Does the data set describe conditions during a particular time period?

    Calendar_Date: 11-May-2021
    By domain, when data was last updated:

    [Airports (30): Month, Year] [Ballot Drop Box (901): June, 2019] [Bike Locker (580): March, 2021] [Bike Shop (902): Month, Year] [Building - City Govt (61): Month, Year] [Farmers Markets (903): February, 2021] [Park and Rides (570): May, 2021] [Parks and Recreation (600): Month, Year]

  5. What is the general form of this data set?

    Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: vector digital data

  6. How does the data set represent geographic features?

    1. How are geographic features stored in the data set?

      This is a Vector data set. It contains the following vector data types (SDTS terminology):

      • Entity point (6488)

    2. What coordinate system is used to represent geographic features?

      The map projection used is NAD 1983 HARN StatePlane Washington North FIPS 4601 Feet.

      Projection parameters:
      Standard_Parallel: 47.5
      Standard_Parallel: 48.73333333333333
      Longitude_of_Central_Meridian: -120.8333333333333
      Latitude_of_Projection_Origin: 47.0
      False_Easting: 1640416.666666667
      False_Northing: 0.0

      Planar coordinates are encoded using coordinate pair
      Abscissae (x-coordinates) are specified to the nearest 0.0003280833333333333
      Ordinates (y-coordinates) are specified to the nearest 0.0003280833333333333
      Planar coordinates are specified in foot_us

      The horizontal datum used is D North American 1983 HARN.
      The ellipsoid used is GRS 1980.
      The semi-major axis of the ellipsoid used is 6378137.0.
      The flattening of the ellipsoid used is 1/298.257222101.

  7. How does the data set describe geographic features?

    Point featureclass attribute table (Source: ESRI)

    Unique feature identifier (Source: King County)

    Range of values

    Unique address db identfier for cross-reference (Source: King County)

    1 to 7 digit number as text

    Feature class code (Source: King County)

    60Non-Government Building
    61Building - City Government
    62Building - County Government
    63Building - State Government
    64Building - Federal Government
    65Police Station
    66Fire Station
    67Medic Units
    90Community area, Business Center or neighborhood
    150Chamber of Commerce
    180City Hall
    210Department of Motor Vehicles
    240Entertainment and Sport facility
    300Golf Course
    330Hospital or Medical Center
    340Public Health Clinic
    360Hotel or Motel
    420Major employment center or large business
    450Military installation
    500Transit center
    510Other transportation center
    520Fare outlet - All type
    530Fare outlet - Limited type
    540Park and Pool
    570Park and Ride
    580Bike Lockers
    581Electrical outlets
    600Parks and Recreation
    630Pier or Terminal
    660School - Elementary
    661School - Junior High or Middle
    662School - High
    663School - College or University
    664School - Alternative
    665School - Other facility
    666Schools - K thru 12
    690Shopping center
    902Bike shop
    903Farmers Market
    904Public Access farm
    999General reference feature
    350Food Facility
    68Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)

    Abbreviated name for feature name (Source: King County)

    Abbreviated name for NAME as mixed case

    Full street address for feature (Source: King County)

    Mixed case address

    Five digit zipcode (Source: King County)

    Five character zipcode value

    Internal feature number. (Source: ESRI)

    Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.

    Full name of feature (Source: King County)

    Mixed case text

    Feature geometry. (Source: ESRI)

    Coordinates defining the features.

    Point Feature Class table (Source: King County)

    Common Interest Domain Description Inclusion 30 Airport Major public or private airports 60 Non-Government Building Non Government buildings not covered by another non-government domain 61 Building-City Government City Government buildings, except fire stations, police stations, city hall, libraries 62 Building-County Government County Government buildings, including the RJC and the Regional Voting Center, excepting libraries 63 Building-State Government State Government buildings, including welfare offices, excluding DOL 64 Building-Federal Government Federal Government buildings 65 Police Station County and city Police Stations 66 Fire Station Fire Stations; including locations with trauma units 90 Community area/business center and neighborhoods Business districts and neighborhood centers 120 Cemetery Cemeteries 150 Chamber of Commerce Chambers of Commerce 180 City Hall City Halls 210 Department of Motor Vehicles Department of Motor Vehicles Offices 240 Entertainment and Sport Stadiums, tracks and field areas, sporting arena 270 Fairground Fairgrounds, including King County Fairground 300 Golf Course Golf courses and country clubs 330 Hospital or Medical Center Hospitals, centers, dental, eye, blood banks 340 Public Health Clinics Public health clinics / Health Point Centers 350 Food Facility Restaurants, grocery stores, school kitchens 360 Hotel or Motel Inns, hotels and motels 390 Library City and county public libraries 420 Major Employment Center or Large Business Areas of major business and employment 450 Military Installation Armories, Coast Guard, Reservations 480 Museum Municipally-oriented art, science, history museums 500 Transit Center Transit centers 510 Other Transportation Center Transit tunnel stations, ferry terminals, private bus terminals, monorail, bikestation 520 Fare outlet-All type Full Service Metro customer shop 530 Fare outlet-Limited type Limited Service Metro ticket outlet (like Bartell's) 540 Park and Pool Metro Ride Share locations 570 Park and Rides Metro car or vanpool connection with bus 580 Bike Lockers All lockers including those not associated with Park and Rides 581 Electrical Outlets Park and Rides with electrical outlets 600 Parks and Recreation Parks, playgrounds, pools and community centers, incl. aquariums and tennis courts/centers 630 Pier or Terminal Piers, terminals, marinas 660 School-Elementary Public and private elementary schools, including K-12 661 School-Junior High/Middle Public and private Jr High Schools 662 School-High Public and private High Schools 663 School-Colleges and Universities Public and private colleges and universities 664 School-Alternative Usually public, school facilities that provide alternative education opportunities 665 School-Other Facility Public or private facilities related to operation of school, such as administrative locations 690 Shopping Center Malls, shopping squares, centers, villages, plazas 720 Winery Wineries, cellers and breweries 901 Ballot drop-off box Vote-by-mail ballot drop-off boxes 902 Bike shop Bicycle sales and maintenance stores and shops 903 Farmer's Markets Publicly open farmer's markets 904 Public Access Farms Farms with limited public access for picking, etc 999 General reference feature (GNIS) General reference features; e.g., cross-roads, key landmarks not included in other domain, or of miscellaneous type not to justify separate domain value.

Who produced the data set?

  1. Who are the originators of the data set? (may include formal authors, digital compilers, and editors)

  2. Who also contributed to the data set?

  3. To whom should users address questions about the data?

    King County GIS Center
    Attn: Mike Leathers
    GIS Data Coordinator
    201 S Jackson St, Suite 706
    Seattle, WA 98104

    206-477-4403 (voice)

Why was the data set created?

Location and description of various points of common interest. Includes abbreviation of name for labeling purposes, and cross-reference to King County address database, ADDRESS_POINT.

How was the data set created?

  1. From what previous works were the data drawn?

  2. How were the data generated, processed, and modified?

    Date: 01-Oct-2009 (process 1 of 19)
    ASSEMBLING COMPONENTS: The data from the followind layers was assembled into a single COMMON_INTEREST table (with coordinate values). Duplicate records were flagged based on the value of the NAME item. LANDMARK_POINT was dominant where it occurred, though values were gathered from other layers as necessary. Assembled layers: SCHSITE_POINT FIRESTN_POINT POINOPUB_POINT POIPUB_POINT PUBLIC_CLINIC_POINT HOSPITAL_POINT KC_LOC_POINT LANDMARK_POINT BIKE_LOCKERS_POINT ELECTRICAL_OUTLETS_POINT NEIGHBORHOOD_CENTERS_POINT PARKRIDE_POINT TRANSIT_CENTERS_POINT PARK_ADDRESS_POINT

    Date: 14-Sep-2010 (process 2 of 19)
    New Mt Baker Transit Center record entered

    Date: 07-Feb-2011 (process 3 of 19)
    All earlier 903 - Farmers Markets records removed. New, updated data, loaded from DNRP WLRD Puget Sound Fresh website. Included business attributes used to create new child featureclass called FARMERS_MARKETS_POINT

    Data sources used in this process:

    • 20110207AddNewData_farmers_markets_point.csv

    Date: 24-Feb-2011 (process 4 of 19)
    Code 901 Ballot Box locations removed per request by Elections.

    Date: 24-Feb-2011 (process 5 of 19)
    All earlier 902 - Bike Shop records removed. New, updated data, loaded from review performed by Roads GIS. Some minor corrections made to remove duplicate names including the BikeStation which had previously been stored under domain 510.

    Data sources used in this process:

    • 20110224AddNewData_CoreOnly.csv

    Date: 01-Mar-2011 (process 6 of 19)
    Food facility locations from DPH Restaurant Inspection database added

    Date: 30-Apr-2011 (process 7 of 19)
    Miscellaneous edits affecting SCHSITE_POINT, BIKE_LOCKER_POINT, other transportation centers, PARKRIDE_POINT and TRANSIT_CENTER_POINT.

    Date: 29-Sep-2011 (process 8 of 19)
    Updated records with Schools domain with corrections for Lake Washington School District. Corrections to address, ADDRESS_POINT.esite id assignments. Added new school: Rachel Carson

    Date: 22-Nov-2011 (process 9 of 19)
    Update to Kenmore Firestation 51 and Newcastle Police Department

    Date: 22-May-2012 (process 10 of 19)
    Full update of Bikeshops (902) completed based on review by Rebecca Campeau and Mike Leathers. Cross-checked and locations coordinated with ADDRESS_POINT.

    Date: 12-Jun-2012 (process 11 of 19)
    King County Dept of Health Restaurant Inspections database downloaded and posted. An extract of the inspections (single occurrence frequency) of food facilities is derived from the inspections database and inserted into COMMON_INTEREST_POINT. FOOD_FACILITIES_POINT is a child featureclass derived and posted

    Date: 19-Jul-2013 (process 12 of 19)
    Minor updates to FIRESTN and Libraries

    Date: 18-Aug-2014 (process 13 of 19)
    Miscellaneous edits across a range of domains, but with emphasis on medical facilities. Updates to names and abbreviations due to business changes. Established linkages to ADDRESS_POINT for a number of features previously identified with cross-street locations only. Most changes in response to cartographic production needs.

    Date: 16-Oct-2014 (process 14 of 19)
    Updates, based on many sources, for domain 30: Airports. Doubled number of previously mapped features

    Date: 07-Nov-2016 (process 15 of 19)
    Second and third quarter updates to Park and Ride facilities (PARKRIDE_POINT), and modifications to Auburn health facilities records (MEDICAL_FACILITIES_POINT)

    Date: 06-Apr-2017 (process 16 of 19)
    General updates to domain 65 - Police and Sheriff stations. See metadata for KCP_LOC_POINT for details.

    Date: 03-May-2017 (process 17 of 19)
    Add new domain (class) to CommonInterestDomain which decodes integer values entered into the CODE item. New value is 68 and defines the domain of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Twelve (12) PSAP locatons were added

    Date: 20-Jul-2018 (process 18 of 19)
    Add new domain (class) to CommonInterestDomain which decodes integer values entered into the CODE item. New value is 901 and defines the domain of Ballot Drop Box locations. Sixty-seven (67) PSAP locatons were added. In addition a new featureclass - BALLOT_DROPBOX_POINT was created which displays the locations using the actual location values (i.e., offset values) rather than the address-centroid based locations depicted in COMMON_INTEREST_POINT.

    Date: 18-Mar-2021 (process 19 of 19)
    Updates to Park and Rides and Bike Lockers. Spatial adjustments made to the locations of the bike locker points.

  3. What similar or related data should the user be aware of?

How reliable are the data; what problems remain in the data set?

  1. How well have the observations been checked?

    Attributes for each point include address information which is validated independently against web sites or other data. It is also compared to ADDRESS_POINT for validation.

  2. How accurate are the geographic locations?

    Locations are defined by the XY values defined by the authoritative address database for the county (ADDRESS_POINT), and are not independently validated. For some domain classes an offset values is required and this location is defined by the business need, such as transit related points that are aligned to an intersection rather than the default ADDRESS_POINT locaiton. Other point locations may still be considered centroid locations (i.e, based on ADDRESS_POINT), but may be adjusted if multiple buildings exist, or other reason justifies a slight realignment.

  3. How accurate are the heights or depths?

  4. Where are the gaps in the data? What is missing?

    Dataset represents multiple classes of locations, almost all exclusively to King County. This layer contains all points (features) maintained as common points of interest. Selected children featureclasses, such as SCHSITE_POINT, FIRESTN_POINT, etc, are a subset of this layer. Thus a point (record) for a given named feature will exist both in COMMON_INTEREST_POINT as well as the child featureclass derived by a selection on a value of one or more domains. All domains are classified as to their Hierarchy. A Hierarchy value of 1 indicates that the class is of high importance and diligent effort is made to ensure all features of that class are represented. A Hierarchy value of 0 indicates that the class is maintained only for selected features, guided by business requirements and consumer interest. 1- Airport 0 - Non-Government Building 0 - Building - City Government 1 - Building - County Government 1 - Building - State Government 1 - Building - Federal Government 1 - Police Station 1 - Fire Station 0 - Community Area 0 - Cemetery 1 - Chamber of Commerce 1 - City Hall 1 - Department of Motor Vehicles 1 - Entertainment and Sport 1 - Fairground 0 - Golf Course 1 - Hospital or Medical Center 1 - Public Health Clinic 0 - Hotel or Motel 1 - Library 0 - Major Employment Center 0 - Military Installation 1 - Museum 1 - Transit Center 1 - Other Transportation Center 1 - Fare Outlet - All type 1 - Fare Outlet - Limited type 1 - Park and Pool 1 - Park and Ride 1 - Bike Lockers 1 - Electrical Outlets 1 - Parks and Recreation 1 - Pier or Terminal 1 - School - Elementary 1 - School - Junior High or Middle 1 - School - High 1 - School - College or University 1 - School - Alternative 1 - School - Other facility 0 - Shopping Center 0 - Winery 1 - Ballot drop-off box 0 - Bike shop 0 - Farmers market 0 - Public Access farm 0 - General reference feature 0 - Food Facilty

  5. How consistent are the relationships among the observations, including topology?

    Each named feature is represented by a single point, closely approximating the centroid of the feature. Multiple points may exist at the same XY location if different named feature, representing more than one domain (class) are colocated.

How can someone get a copy of the data set?

Are there legal restrictions on access or use of the data?

Access_Constraints: None
King County data are made available with the understanding that they shall be used exclusively by the obtainer or his/her authorized agents. Digital products may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form or by any means without the express written authorization of King County.

  1. Who distributes the data set? (Distributor 1 of 1)

    KCGIS Center
    Data Sales Coordinator
    201 S Jackson St, Suite 700
    Seattle, WA 98104

    206-477-4403 (voice)

  2. What's the catalog number I need to order this data set?


  3. What legal disclaimers am I supposed to read?

    King County disclaims any warranty of use of any digital product or data beyond that for which it was designed.

  4. How can I download or order the data?

Who wrote the metadata?

Last modified: 09-Nov-2021
Metadata author:
King County GIS Center
Attn: Mike Leathers
GIS Data Coordinator
201 S Jackson St, Suite 706
Seattle, WA 98104

206-477-4403 (voice)

Metadata standard:
FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (FGDC-STD-001-1998)

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