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2014-2018 ACS: Year Structure Built (Based on 2010 Census Tracts)

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Title: 2014-2018 ACS: Year Structure Built (Based on 2010 Census Tracts)
Feature Count:
Feature Type: Table
Abstract: US Census American Community Survey (2014-2018) data table for: HOUSING subject area. Provides information about: YEAR STRUCTURE BUILT for the universe of: HOUSING UNITS. These data are extrapolated estimates only, based on sampling; they are not actual complete counts. The data is based on 2010 Census Tracts. Table ACS_B25034_YRSTRUCTUREBUILT contains both the Estimate value in the E item for the census topic and an adjacent M item which defines the Margin of Error for the value. The Margin of Error (MOE) is the plus/minus range for the item estimate value, where the range between the Estimate minus the Margin of Error and the Estimate plus the Margin of Error defines the 90% confidence interval of the item value. Many of the Margin of Error values are significant relative to the size of the Estimate value. This table contains 11 item(s) extracted from a larger sequence table. This extracted subset represents that portion of the sequence that is considered high priority. Other portions of this sequence that are not included can be identified in the data dictionary information provided in the Supplemental Information section. This table information is also provided as a customized layer file: B25034_AREA_YRSTRUCTUREBUILT.lyr where the table information is joined to the 2010 TRACTS_AREA census geography on the GEOID item. Both the table and customized lyr file name do not contain the year descriptor (i.e. 2014-2018) for the current ACS series. This is intentional in order to maintain the same table name in each successive ACS update. The alias of each item's (E)stimate and (M)easure of Error value stores this year date information as beginning YY and ending YY, i.e., 'E1418' and 'M1418' followed by the rest of the alias description. In this way users of the data tables or lyr files that support field aliases can determine which ACS series is being represented by the current table contents. The next 5-year sample of ACS, representing the current year minus 1, becomes available in December of each year. For example, the next series - 2015 through 2019 - will become available at the end of 2020. The new 2018 data will be posted to the Spatial Data Warehouse by January 2020. The previous series of data is retired to the Historical Data Library geodatabase (according to the ACS series end date) from where it can be accessed if needed.
Purpose: Provides a multi-year statistical estimate for selected demographic, social, economic and housing characteristics. These estimates represent concepts that are fundamentally different from those associated with sample data from the decennial census long form. Further, because ACS data are collected continuously, they are not always compatible with data collected from the decennial census. This data is a sample size based on a 5-year period. The sample size based on the 5 year period estimates is still smaller than the decennial census, resulting in larger standard errors. A five year estimate represents data collected over a 60 month period. Therefore ACS estimates based on data collected from this 2014-2018 period should not be labeled as '2016' estimates, even though that is the midpoint of the 5-year period.
Status: Complete
Updated: None planned
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD)::
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: 20140101 - 20181231
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
Open Data Availability: Unknown
Place Keywords: Pacific NW, King County, WA, Washington State,
Theme Keywords: demographics, census, American Community Survey,
Lineage: Available
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Maintained by:
King County GIS Center
Primary: Mary Ullrich, GIS Analyst, 206-477-4420
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Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

Attribute Information

_GEOID_2010 Census Tract full Geographic Identifier, including US, State and County designators20 character string such as 1400000US53033031100
_GEOIDTRT_2010 Census Tract Geographic Identifier, excluding the US portion, used as the primary key in the join to TRACTS10_AREA identifier11 character string such as 53033031100
_TRACTLABEL_Narrative Census Tract IdentifierVariable length characters string, such as Census Tract 316.06, King County, Washington
_E25034001_E1418 - Total:
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:6237.0
_M25034001_M1418 - Total:
Range Min:12.0
Range Max:265.0
_E25034002_E1418 - Built 2014 or later
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:527.0
_M25034002_M1418 - Built 2014 or later
Range Min:6.0
Range Max:231.0
_E25034003_E1418 - Built 2010 to 2013
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:1016.0
_M25034003_M1418 - Built 2010 to 2013
Range Min:3.0
Range Max:280.0
_E25034004_E1418 - Built 2000 to 2009
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:3302.0
_M25034004_M1418 - Built 2000 to 2009
Range Min:9.0
Range Max:398.0
_E25034005_E1418 - Built 1990 to 1999
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:1658.0
_M25034005_M1418 - Built 1990 to 1999
Range Min:10.0
Range Max:261.0
_E25034006_E1418 - Built 1980 to 1989
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:1254.0
_M25034006_M1418 - Built 1980 to 1989
Range Min:6.0
Range Max:309.0
_E25034007_E1418 - Built 1970 to 1979
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:2070.0
_M25034007_M1418 - Built 1970 to 1979
Range Min:8.0
Range Max:249.0
_E25034008_E1418 - Built 1960 to 1969
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:1011.0
_M25034008_M1418 - Built 1960 to 1969
Range Min:10.0
Range Max:269.0
_E25034009_E1418 - Built 1950 to 1959
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:1025.0
_M25034009_M1418 - Built 1950 to 1959
Range Min:7.0
Range Max:306.0
_E25034010_E1418 - Built 1940 to 1949
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:851.0
_M25034010_M1418 - Built 1940 to 1949
Range Min:9.0
Range Max:226.0
_E25034011_E1418 - Built 1939 or earlier
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:2239.0
_M25034011_M1418 - Built 1939 or earlier
Range Min:5.0
Range Max:373.0


Access: None

Use: King County data are made available with the understanding that they shall be used exclusively by the obtainer or his/her authorized agents. Digital products may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form or by any means without the express written authorization of King County. Users are encouraged to appropriately evaluate and display the margin of error when analyzing and mapping this data