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Addresses in King County

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Layer name:
Subject category:
Title: Addresses in King County
Feature Count: 0
Feature Type: Point
Abstract: A comprehensive address file containing a point for every addressable site within King County. It is derived from the E 9-1-1 address layer which was created with the intention of assisting emergency responders locate 9-1-1 wireless callers more efficiently. Address points with the site type: ED (Dry Hydrant), EH (Hydrant), ET(Public Telephone) are not included. The layer is overlayed with the Washington County polygon layer and the King County parcel layer. The layer is joined with KCZipcode table to bring in the USPS Zip+4 data fields. The layer is joined with King County Assessor tables to identify primary addresses for each parcel.
Purpose: Provide a single source for actual building and structure addresses for King County
Status: Complete
Updated: Monthly
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD):: 20130101
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: -
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
Open Data Availability: Yes
Theme Keywords: address, pin, 911, structure, parcel, primary address, zipcode, structure,
Lineage: Available
Supplemental Information: A combination of remote sensing (orthoimagery) as well as field collection, utilizing GPS technology was used to create this feature class. Sites were first generated using orthoimagery and King County assessor data. Any sites that were not found on the orthoimagery were collected using vehicles equipped with DGPS units. This layer is updated regularly, with primary source of updates coming from the addressing authorities for each community within the county. Explanation of CTYNAME: This is the city name that most likely represents the jurisdictional city in which the address resides from the USPS Zip Plus 4 data tables. Note: In order to ensure the right zipcode is selected from the Zip Plus 4 tables , a comparison is made with this city name and a city name derived from an overlay w/ city_area. Explanation of POSTALCTYNAME: This is the city name that most likely represents the postal city in which the address resides from the USPS Zip Plus 4 data tables. In most cases the CTYNAME and the POSTALSCTYNAME are the same. NOTE: If the FIELDS are NULL, That is an indication that the address point did not have a record in the USPS Zip Plus 4 data.


Maintained by:
King County E-911 Program Office
Primary: Evelyn Torres, GIS Mapping Analyst, 206-296-3907
(How to e-mail a County contact)
Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

Attribute Information

_COMMENTS_Additional information.
_SITETYPE_Internal code used to adjust the symbology of the site within the backoffice software.
_Alias1_This is an alternate name that has been applied to the street that the site is located on.
_SITEID_Unique Identifier for each point
_ADDR_HN_House number as text
_ADDR_PD_Prefix Direction
_ADDR_PT_Prefix Street type
_ADDR_SN_Street Name
_ADDR_ST_Suffix street type
_ADDR_SD_Suffix street direction
_ADDR_NUM_Integer street number value
_ADDR_FULL_Complete street address with house number
_FULLNAME_Complete street address without street number
_COMPRESS_NAME_Fullname field with all blanks removed
_COMPRESS_ADDR_FULLADDR with all blanks removed.
_ZIPSECTORL_Lowest possible first 2 integers in the Plus4
_ZIPSEG_L_Lowest possible second 2 integers in the Plus4
_ZIPSECTORH_Highest possbile first2 integers in the Plus4
_ZIPSEG_H_Highest possible Second 2 integers in the Plus4
_ZIP5_5 digit zipcode for address
_PLUS4_The plus integers from the zipsector and zipsegment
_CR_ID_Carrier Route ID
_UPDATE_KEY_For tracking updates to ZIP4 data
_COUNTY_Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code assigned to a given county or parish within a state
_MAJOR_First 6 digits of Parcel Identification Number (PIN)
_MINOR_Last 4 digits of Parcel Identification Number (PIN)
_PIN_Parcel Identification Number (PIN) comprised of a concatenation of the Major an Minor Number
_CTYNAME_This most probably represents the jurisditional city name in which the address point resides.
_POSTALCTYNAME_This most probably represents the postal (mailing) city name in which the address point resides.
_PRIM_ADDR_Identifies the primary address for the each parcel with a value of one (1). Where there are more than one address point located in a parcel only one point will have a value of one (1) and all others will be zero (0).
_PRIM_ADDR_FILTER_Defines filter used to derive the primary address in the following order: ESITE:ONETOONE: One address point for one parcel ESITE:ONETOMANY1ADDR: Only 1 address populated per pin the rest are zero APTCOMPLEX_EXTR COMMBLDG_EXTR CONDOCOMPLEX_EXTR RESBLDG_EXTR ESITE:CMMNSTLOWADDR ESITE:LOWESTADDR ESITE:MOSTCOMMONSTNM
_Building_A building's identifier in a complex of buildings for a given address.
_Unit_An address identifier within a single address.


Access: For official King County emergency management use only.

Use: For official King County emergency management use only.