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Coho Intrinsic Potential

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Subject category: natres
Title: Coho Intrinsic Potential
Feature Count: 0
Feature Type: Line
Abstract: Information on estimating the quality and extent of historical habitat is needed for ongoing efforts to conserve and eventually recover protected populations of Pacific salmonids. Because georeferenced spatial data on habitat and fish distribution at the regional scale are lacking, we requested that NOAA implement a GIS approach in modeling the intrinsic potential (IP) of stream reaches to support juvenile coho salmon. The IP model uses geomorphic and hydrological attributes to estimate the latent potential of stream reaches to provide favorable habitat characteristics for spawning and rearing. Indices for the model are derived from a DEM and precipitation data. Thus, the model predicts patterns of relative productive potential expected in the absence of human disturbances, as related through the input data. The stream lines used as the basis for the IP geometry are based on King County's watercourse dataset, which has omission and spatial accuracy issues.
Purpose: This data set provides an estimate to the spatial distribution of potential habitat for coho salmon in King County.
Status: Complete
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD)::
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: 20210930 - 20200707
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
Open Data Availability: Yes
Place Keywords: Washington state, King County, WA, Pacific NW,
Theme Keywords: natres, biota, inlandWaters,
Lineage: Not available


Maintained by:
King County King County Dept of Natural Resources and Parks, Water and Lands Resource Division
Primary: Brett Randle, GIS Specialist, 206-477-4614
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Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

Attribute Information

_SCORE_02CF_IP score for segment.
Range Min:0.0
Range Max:1.0
_InPipedSystem_Tracks if the segment is at least half of a segment is within a piped system.
NoLess than half of the segment is within a piped system.
YesMore than half of the segment is within a piped system.
_CurrentAnadromousAccess_Tracks if the anadromous species can access the segment given the current passability of barriers downstream.
AccessibleAccessible salmon habitat
InaccessibleInaccessible salmon habitat
Partially accessiblePartially accessible salmon habitat
No salmon habitatStream without potential salmon habitat
_AboveTotalNaturalBarrier_Tracks whether the selected segment is above a total natural barrier.
YesSelected segment is above a total natural barrier
NoSelected segment is not above a total natural barrier
_AllUSSegmentsZero_AllUSSegmentsZero tracks if all segments upstream of the selected segment have an intrinsic potential score of 0. This field is used to limit the segments that are included in the overall upstream habitat quantity distance, value and score fields.
YesAll segments upstream of the selected segment have an intrinsic potential score of 0.
NoAll segments upstream of the selected segment do not have an intrinsic potential score of 0.
_Revisit_Reasons that a segment should be revisited.
LocationLocation needs to be improved.
Upstream Segments MissingUpstream segments are missing.
_DataStage_DataStage tracks the status of the data as it moves through the QAQC process.
AcquireData needs to be acquired.
ApprovedData has been approved by a trained quality control staff member.
Engineer ReviewEngineer review is needed.
Field ReviewField review is needed.
Office ReviewOffice review is needed.
ProcessLevel B data needs to be processed.
QCQuality control review is needed.


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