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Park and Trail Facilities Information for Online Park Map (ParkFinder)

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Subject category: recreatn
Title: Park and Trail Facilities Information for Online Park Map (ParkFinder)
Feature Count:
Feature Type: Table
Abstract: Mega table with facilities type and count for each park/trail.
Purpose: To serve facilities data in online mapping application (ParkFinder) for Parks.
Status: In work
Updated: As needed
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD):: 20120801
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: -
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
Open Data Availability: Not Available
Place Keywords: Pacific NW, Washington state, King County, WA,
Theme Keywords: recreatn, facility, parks, facilities, recreation,
Lineage: Available
Supplemental Information: None


Maintained by:
King County Dept. of Natural Resources and Parks. Parks and Recreation Division
Primary: Yuko Caras, GIS Analyst, 206-263-4564
(How to e-mail a County contact)
Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

Attribute Information

_KC_Facility_FID_Unique King County Parks' Facility ID
Range Min:2252
Range Max:7798
_KC_Park_PID_Unique King County Park ID
Range Min:0
Range Max:9230201
_FT_Name_Facility Type
Farm Site
Merge Site
Other Site
Park Site
Pool Site
Trail (Regional)
Trail Site Regional
_UniversalName_Site NameMixed case in string.
_DNRP_CLASS_King County Parks' classification
(no value)
not applicable
_A_Street_Street AddressMixed case in string.
_A_City_City nameMixed case of string.
_A_Zip_ZIPPositive number.
_HasPublicAccess_Public Accessibility
_HasRoadAccess_Road Accessibility
_CalcAcreage_AcreagePositive number.
_Mileage_Trail MileagePositive number.
_KCCD_Number_King County Council District Number
_WRIA_Num_WRIA Number
_WRIA_Name_WRIA NameMixed case of string.
_Access_Point_Street_Count of street access pointNumber of features.
_Amphitheater_Count of AmphitheaterNumber of features
_Arboretum_Count of ArboretumNumber of features
_Arena_Count of arenaNumber of features
_Barn_Count of BarnNumber of features
_Baseball_Field_Count of baseball fieldNumber of features
_BBQ_Pit_Count of BBQ pitNumber of features
_Bench_Count of benchNumber of features
_Bike_Rack_Count of bike rackNumber of features
_Barrier_Block_Count of blockNumber of features
_Boat_Launch_Trailer_Ramp_Count of boad launch trailer rampNumber of features
_Boat_Moorage_Dock_Count of boat moorage dockNumber of features
_Bollard_Count of bollardNumber of features
_Bridge_Count of bridgeNumber of features
_Building_Other_Count of buildingNumber of features
_Building_Room_Count of building roomNumber of features
_Camp_RV_Site_Count of RV camp siteNumber of features
_Camp_Tent_Site_Count of tent camp siteNumber of features
_Camp_Yurt_Site_Count of yurt camp siteNumber of features
_Camping_Area_Count of camping areaNumber of features
_CLASS_Complex_Count of class complexNumber of features
_Climbing_Rock_Count of climbing rockNumber of features
_Comm_Center_Count of community centerNumber of features
_Comm_Garden_Count of community gardenNumber of features
_Concession_Count of concessionNumber of features
_Council_Ring_Count of council ringNumber of features
_Cricket_Field_Count of cricket fieldNumber of features
_Culvert_Count of culvertNumber of features
_Disc_Golf_Course_Count of disc golf courseNumber of features
_Drinking_Fountain_Count of drinking fountainNumber of features
_Emergency_Storage_Container_Count of emergency storage containerNumber of features
_Equestrian_Facility_Count of equestrian facilityNumber of features
_Exercise_Station_Count of exercise stationNumber of features
_Fire_Pit_Count of fire pitNumber of features
_Fish_Hatching_Count of fish hatcheryNumber of features
_Fishing_Pier_Count of fishing pierNumber of features
_Fitness_Circuit_Area_Count of fitness circuit areaNumber of features
_Football_Field_Count of football fieldNumber of features
_Fuel_Tank_Count of fuel tankNumber of features
_Gate_Count of gateNumber of features
_Golf_Course_Count of golf courseNumber of features
_Handball_Court_Count of handball courtNumber of features
_Helicopter_Landing_Pad_Count of helicopter landing padNumber of features
_Horseshoe_Pit_Count of horseshoe pitNumber of features
_Indoor_Lodging_Room_Count of indoor lodging roomNumber of features
_Kiosk_Count of kioskNumber of features
_Lookout_Tower_Count of lookout towerNumber of features
_Model_Airplane_Field_Count of model airplane fieldNumber of features
_MultiPurpose_Court_Count of multi-purpose courtNumber of features
_Office_Count of officeNumber of features
_OffLeash_Dog_Area_Count of off-leash dog areaNumber of features
_Open_Play_Field_Count of open play fieldNumber of features
_Parking_Lot_Count of parking lotNumber of features
_Parking_Pay_Station_Count of parking pay stationNumber of features
_Pet_Waste_Bag_Dispenser_Count of pet waste bag dispenserNumber of features
_Picnic_Area_Count of picnic areaNumber of features
_Picnic_Shelter_Count of picnic shelterNumber of features
_Play_Equipment_Area_Count of play equipment areaNumber of features
_Point_of_Interest_Count of point of interestNumber of features
_Public_Telephone_Location_Count of public telephone locationNumber of features
_Residence_Caretaker_Count of residence caretakerNumber of features
_Restroom_Count of restroomNumber of features
_Running_Track_Count of running trackNumber of features
_Seasonal_Soccer_Field_Count of seasonal soccer fieldNumber of features
_Sign_Count of signNumber of features
_Soccer_Field_Count of soccer fieldNumber of features
_Stadium_Grandstand_Count of stadium grandstandNumber of features
_Stage_Count of stageNumber of features
_Swim_Bathhouse_Count of swimming bathhouseNumber of features
_Swim_Beach_Count of swimming beachNumber of features
_Swim_Platform_Floating_Count of swimming floating platformNumber of features
_Swim_Pool_Count of swimming poolNumber of features
_Tennis_Court_Count of tennins courtNumber of features
_Tunnel_Count of tunnelNumber of features
_Velodrome_Count of velodromeNumber of features
_Volleyball_Court_Count of volleyball courtNumber of features
_Wading_Pool_Count of wading poolNumber of features
_Water_Spigot_Count of water spigotNumber of features
_Mountain_Bike_Mountain biking capability
1mountain biking recommended
_Cycling_Cycling capability
0no cycling
1cycling ok
_SearchKeyword_Activity/facility search keywordMixed case of string
_KC_URL_URL link to King County web siteMixed case of string
_URL1_URL link to external siteMixed case of string
_URL2_URL link to external siteMixed case of string
_URL3_URL link to external siteMixed case of string
_BackcountryMapURL_URL link to backcountry mapMixed case of string
_WeddingRent_Link to wedding rental page
_BallFieldsRent_Ling to ball fields rental page
_CommGardenRent_Ling to community garden rental page
_PicnicShelterRent_Link to picnic shelter rental page
_CampingRent_Link to camping rental page
_IndoorFacRent_Link to indoor facility rental page
_PF_WebClass_King County natural area web classification
1Clear formal site entrance(s) with designated parking on site
2Accessible via public road, road shoulder parking available, clear trail leading into site
3Adjacent to public road, no shoulder parking, yet access points (trails) exist from road
4Adjacent to public road, no shoulder parking, no clear access points (trails) exist from road
5Accessible only via private road or via waterway
6No fee ownership (easement), but public access allowed
7No fee ownership (easement), and public access not required


Access: None

Use: King County data are made available with the understanding that they shall be used exclusively by the obtainer or his/her authorized agents. Digital products may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form or by any means without the express written authorization of King County.