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School Sites in King County

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Layer name: SCHSITE
Subject category: admin
Title: School Sites in King County
Feature Count: 640
Feature Type: Point
Abstract: King County school sites and school related facilities. Includes both public and private schools. Does not, except for a few selected instances, include locations of kindergarten and other pre-school facilities.
Purpose: Parcel-based centroid for school facility. No footprint or infrastructure extent provided. Attributes assign parcel and street identifiers for location information.
Status: Complete
Updated: As needed
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD):: 20170724
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: -
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
Open Data Availability: Yes
Place Keywords: Pacific NW, WA, Washington state, King County,
Theme Keywords: admin, universities, school, high schools, colleges, elementary schools,
Lineage: Available
Supplemental Information: None


Maintained by:
King County GIS Center
Primary: Mike Leathers, GIS Data Coordinator, 206-477-4403
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Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

Attribute Information

_FEATURE_ID_Unique feature identifierInteger
_NAME_Unique name of featureMixed text
_ESITE_Unique identifier from ADDRESS_POINT database1-7 digit value as text or '0000000' if unknown
_FEATUREDES_Feature description. The CODE item shows all valid values for COMMON_INTEREST_POINT, but this list contains classes (domains) outside the scope of SCHSITE_POINT. This item contains just those codes pertinent to Schools and is more appropriate for symbolization than CODE
_CODE_Coded Value Domain lookup value
661School-Junior High/Middle
663School-College and University
665School-Other Facility
666K-12 Grade
_ZIPCODE_Zipcode of street addressFive digit zip code for school location
_LONG_CEN_Centroid longitudeDecimal degrees
_LAT_CEN_Latitude of centroidDecimal degrees
_ABB_NAME_Abbreviated name for featureMixed text
_ADDRESS_Full street address of featureMixed text
_OSPI_CODE_LEA Code from school listing from State Office of the Superintendent web site titled Education Directory. char code unique for each school. Codes are text and some include leading zeros.
_SCH_CLASS_Public/Private status of facility
10Public Facility
20Private Facility
30Vacant Facility
No School Class defined
_DISTRICT_Name of school district
AUBURNAuburn School District 408
BELLEVUEBellevue School District 405
ENUMCLAWEnumclaw School District 405
FEDERAL WAYFederal Way School District 210
HIGHLINEHighline School District 401
ISSAQUAHIssaquah School District 411
KENTKent School District 415
LAKE WASHINGTONLake Washington School District 414
MERCER ISLANDMercer Island School District 400
NORTHSHORENorthshore School District 417
RENTONRenton School District 403
RIVERVIEWRiverview School District 407
SEATTLESeattle School District 1
SHORELINEShoreline School District 412
SKYKOMISHSkykomish School District 404
SNOQUALMIE VALLEYSnoqualmie Valley School District 410
TAHOMATahoma School District 409
TUKWILATukwila School District 406
VASHON ISLANDVashon Island School District 402
No District defined
_PIN_Parcel identification number10 digit value as text
_MAJOR_Major number portion of PINFirst six digits of PIN
_MINOR_Minor number portion of PINLast four digits of PIN


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