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Open water for King County and portions of adjacent counties

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Layer name: WTRBDY
Subject category: hydro
Title: Open water for King County and portions of adjacent counties
Feature Count: 0
Feature Type: Polygon
Abstract: Open water features, both natural and anthropic, for King County and portions of adjacent counties. Features can be displayed as water or non water to distinguished between water and land. FEAT_TYPE item defines multiple classes of features, primarily lakes/ponds and streams rivers. Puget Sound and significant double-banked streams and rivers are shown, plus a limited number of manmade features such as aqueducts, ditches, channels and flumes. Areal open water features are mainly differentiated as either Lakes/Ponds or Impoundments roughly defined as natural and anthropic, respectively. The name of features, where available, is included. By using the SUBSET item the layer can be defined to show only the larger water bodies and rivers.
Purpose: Cartographic and analysis of anthropic and natural open water features. The layer contains a RATE item which is set to CURRENT for this edition, indicating that only the most current (non-historic) water features are shown. Historic (changed) waterbody information can be found in WTRBDY_DET_AREA
Status: Complete
Updated: Annually
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD)::
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: 20020601 - 20150601
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
Open Data Availability: Unknown
Place Keywords: Pacific NW, Washington state, Pierce County, King County, WA, Snohomish County,
Theme Keywords: water bodies, aqueducts, flumes, ponds, lakes, rapids, water impoundment, fish hatcheries, ditches, oceans, rivers, hydro, streams, channels, environment, falls, inlandWaters, inlandWaters, environment, oceans,
Lineage: Available
Supplemental Information: Previous editions of this layer also produced a separate BIGWATER layer where the major feature subset was created as a permanent layer. This is no longer created. King County shapefile users can perform a definition query on the SUBSET item, or depend on the WTRBDY_AREA_BIGWATER.AVL legend. Geodatabase featureclass users can also perform a definition query, but may also use the WTRBDY_AREA_BIGWATER.LYR file found in the Plibrary LYR library. Overlapping and some multipart geometry has been removed from this version of WTRBDY in order to simplify its use and display. 1. The tidal line (high-low tide) has been removed from Puget Sound. This information is still available in WTRBDY_DET_AREA.2. Marine islands have been removed completely. If needed these can be found in WASHSH_AREA or KINGSH_AREA which are re-derived each time WTRBDY_AREA is updated. 3. Fresh-water islands are erased from double-banked streams allowing the position of the islands to be determined and for underlying topography to show through. This eliminates the occasions where the islands were previously hidden due to overlapping geometry. Fresh-water islands can still be displayed by querying for this feature type in WTRBDY_DET_AREA or by using the customized LYR file called WTRBDY_DET_AREA_ISLANDS.lyr4. Feature type 406 (Dam, wier, or obscured) that overlap water are also erased. This eliminates some unintentional hidden affects, but primarily improves the display along built-up harbor areas. With these features erased from the water, the fit between current orthoimagery and the egde of water is better. This feature type can also be found in the the ISLANDS customized LYR file described above. The overall intent of these changes is to remove man-made and land features from WTRBDY_AREA to increase the emphasis of this layer as water-only.


Maintained by:
King County GIS Center
Primary: Victor High, Senior GIS Analyist, 206-477-4408
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Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

Attribute Information

_FEATURE_ID_Unique identifier for each featureUnique and persistent, non-sequential positive integer
_NAME_Name of geographic featureMixed case name of feature, where known; otherwise blank
_CREATED_DATE_polygon creatation date
_SUBSET_CD_Integer value that classifies larger, more significant lakes and rivers
0Wtrbdy all
1Bigwater river
2Bigwater waterbody
_SUBSET_String value that classifies larger, more significant lakes and rivers
Wtrbdy allFeature not part of BIGWATER cartographic set
Bigwater riverA significant double-banked stream or river that is part of BIGWATER cartographic set.
Bigwater waterbodyA significant lake or pond that is part of BIGWATER cartographic set.
_TYPE_CD_Integer value for type of water feature or non water feature
106Fish hatchery or farm
107Residential or industrial water impoundment
109Sewage Disposal Pond
116Bays, estuaries, gulfs, oceans
412River or stream
414Ditch or channel
421Lake or pond
423Sand or gravel
902Fresh water island
_WATER_String value that classifies water from land
Non waterLand areas
WaterOpen water
_WATER_CD_Integer value that classifies water from land
0Non water
_FEAT_TYPE_String value for type of water feature or non water feature
ReservoirManmade reservoir or impoundment larger than detention pond
Fish hatchery or farmPhysical structure of fish hatchery or farm
Residential or industrial water impoundmentManmade or man-modified detention or retention pond. Includes filled gravel or quarry pits and landscape waterbodies
Bays, estuaries, gulfs, oceansPuget Sound, connecting straits and Pacific Ocean
RapidsRiver rapids
FallsRiver falls
River or streamAll linear double-banked features. Features included do not define a minimum flowrate set
Ditch or channelManmade or man-modified ditch or channelized route
AqueductFeature for water transmission that is not considered a pipeline
FlumeExposed water path usually associated with water impoundment
Lake or pondAreal water feature, generally to be inferred as natural in origin though may be significantly anthropically modified or restricted
Sand or gravelNon-island extents of unvegetated or lightly vegetated area adjacent to rivers
Sewage disposal pondClearly delineated barriered impoundments
Ditch or channelFarm or other channelized ditch or waterway
_SOURCE_CD_Integer value defining source of feature extent and attributes
2035Kitsap vector data
2053Pierce vector source
2061Snohomish vector data
3026Washington Dept of Natural Resources vector data
30612002 USGS digital orthophotography
30662002 KC digital orthophotography
30702005 Aerials Express digital orthophotography
30722007 Pictometry digital orthophotography
33012006 KC NAIP digital orthophotography
_DATASOURCE_String value defining source of feature extent and attributesName of orthoimagery control where used for capture and validation, or name of vector dataset is appended to area outside of control


Access: None

Use: King County data are made available with the understanding that they shall be used exclusively by the obtainer or his/her authorized agents. Digital products may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form or by any means without the express written authorization of King County.