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Cartographic representation of Open Water features for King County and adjacent areas

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Subject category: hydro
Title: Cartographic representation of Open Water features for King County and adjacent areas
Feature Count: Layer files do not have a feature count since they are references to data only. See parent dataset to obtain this information.
Feature Type: ArcGIS LYR file
Abstract: ArcGIS LYR file: Cartographic representation of only water features in WTRBDY. Non-water features such as dams, and fisheries, etc. as well as minor water features such as flumes, aqueducts, etc are not shown.
Purpose: To show the same cartographic effect as WTRBDY_AREA_BIGWATER.lyr (large waterbodies and rivers) but for all significant features in database. Default symbolization of water/non water in WTRBDY_AREA has certain undesirable cartographic effects, namely a polygon edge at low/high tide mark. Resymbolizing this border to eliminate this effect reduces the display quality of smaller water features and narrow streams. This CARTO lyr file balances the polygon fill and polygon border for these features while depressing the polygon border display for large features thus removing the tide marker.
Status: Complete
Updated: As needed
Time period of content: (single date,as YYYYMMDD):: 20070501
Time period of content: (date range, as YYYYMMDD):: -
Spatial reference: WA State Plane North
FGDC Documentation: Classic or FAQ
Open Data Availability: Not Available
Place Keywords: King County,
Theme Keywords: ArcGIS LYR file,
Lineage: Not available
Supplemental Information: The following features are symbolized: Bays, estuaries, gulfs oceans; Tidal flats; Lakes and ponds; Reservoirs; Residential and industrial water impoundments; and Rivers and streams. Not shown are Aqueducts; Dams and wiers; Ditches and canals; Falls; Fish hatchery or farms; Flumes; Marine Islands; Freshwater Islands; Rapids; and Sand and Gravel embankments. If cartographic islands are required use ArcGIS LYR file WTRBDY_AREA_ISLANDS.lyr.


Maintained by:
KCGIS Center
Primary: Mike Leathers, GIS Data Coordinator, 206-263-4867
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Secondary: KCGIS Center; This mailbox is monitored during business hours.

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Use: Enterprise ArcGIS LYR files reference the King County enterprise GDB. They can be used only by ArcGIS users on the King County local network