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+ 47.59909 N
- 122.33136 W

+ 47°  35' 56.72"
- 122° 19' 52.90"

Spatial Data Catalog:

Datasets maintained by: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH

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File NameData TypeTitleSubject FolderAgencyAbstract
firestn pointFire Station Locations in King CountypubsafedphPoint location of fire stations in King County
food_facilities pointFood Facilites - Multiple Classes - For King CountyadmindphUnique selection, by food facility name, from the King County Dept ...
health_region_2020 areaPublic Health RegionsplanningdphThe four regions (North, Seattle, South, and East) are constructed from ...
health_reporting_2010 areaHealth Reporting Areas 2010planningdphThe 48 Health Reporting Areas (HRAs) are aggregates of Census 2010 ...
health_reporting_2020 areaHealth Reporting Areas 2020planningdphHealth Reporting Areas (HRAs) are aggregates of Census 2020 blocks created ...
hospitals pointAcute Service Hospitals in King CountypubsafedphAcute services (Trauma) hospitals in King County.
ilinx_orme_septic_doc_parcel tableSeptic Document Info from ILINX and OnlineRME by ParcelsutilitydphThis table is created for Septic and Group B Records application ...
illegal_lab tablemaint.LEATHERSM.illegal_labpropertydph No Abstract
medic_units pointMedic Units in King CountypubsafedphMedic units operating in King County
oss_asbuilt tableSewer System As-Built Drawings look-up tablepropertydphSewer system as-built look-up table
ph_clinics pointPublic Health ClinicspubsafedphGeneral location of Public Health of Seattle and King County Medical ...
restaurant_inspections pointRestaurant Inspections - Public Health - Seattle and King CountypubsafedphFood establishments that sell or serve food to the public must ...
septic_onsite_parcel areaParcels with Onsite Sewage Designations in King CountyutilitydphProject was to find, count and map onsite septic system (OSS) ...