King County GIS Center
King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St.
Suite 706
Seattle, WA 98104

+ 47.59909 N
- 122.33136 W

+ 47°  35' 56.72"
- 122° 19' 52.90"

Spatial Data Catalog:


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File NameData TypeTitleSubject FolderAgencyAbstract
cso_outfalls pointWastewater Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Outfall Locations of King CountyutilityWTDCombined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) are relief points in older sewer systems ...
facility pointWastewater Treatment Facilities of King CountyutilityWTDAll of the manholes, pump stations, regulator stations, and treatment plants ...
flowmonitors pointWastewater's Regional Flow Monitoring Locations utilityWTDThe flow monitoring datasets included installed meter locations of all historic ...
flowmonitors_table tableMaint.WTD.d_flowmonitors_table_postutilityWTD No Abstract
iwpermits pointIndustrial Waste Permits for KC-WTD Service AreautilityWTDAll active dischargers that generate and dispose of industrial wastewater to ...
locator_attr table No Title hydroWTD No Abstract
plant pointKing County and Local Sewer Agency Treatment PlantsutilityWTDKing County and Local Sewer Agency wastewater treatment plants
sewer lineWastewater Conveyance of King CountyutilityWTDAll of the conveyance involved in treatment of wastewater for King ...
site_plan areaBuilding Footprints for KC-WTD FacilitiesutilityWTDBuilding footprints of King County Wastewater treatment plants or other facilities.
wtdflowbsn areaWastewater Flow Basins: Flow Direction of The Service AreautilityWTDWastewater Sewer flow basins, the delineated areas are derived from mdlbsn ...
wtdserv_all areaWastewater Service Area: Includes All Water Bodies utilityWTDArea contributing flow to WTD treatment plants.
wtdserv_general areaWastewater Service Area: Large Lakes Removed from CoverageutilityWTDWastewater Treatement Division's service boundary, this coverage includes all landmass within ...
wtr_serv areaWater Service AreautilityWTDThe areas being served by water service agencies.
wtrsamp pointmaint.WTD.wtrsamp_pointhydroWTD No Abstract