King County GIS Center
King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St.
Suite 706
Seattle, WA 98104

+ 47.59909 N
- 122.33136 W

+ 47°  35' 56.72"
- 122° 19' 52.90"

Spatial Data Catalog:

Datasets located in the subject folder: PUBSAFE

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File NameData TypeTitleSubject FolderAgencyAbstract
dam_inundation areaDam Inundation AreaspubsafeemdThe inundated areas shown on this map reflect events of an ...
earlyinterventionproviders area No Title pubsafegisc No Abstract
firestn pointFire Station Locations in King CountypubsafedphPoint location of fire stations in King County
hospitals pointAcute Service Hospitals in King CountypubsafedphAcute services (Trauma) hospitals in King County.
kcp_loc pointPolice Station Locations in King CountypubsafekcsoPolice station locations in King County
marijuana_location pointmaint.GISC.marijuana_location_pointpubsafegisc No Abstract
medic_units pointMedic Units in King CountypubsafedphMedic units operating in King County
medical_facilities pointMedical Facilities including HospitalspubsafegiscSubset of COMMON_INTEREST_POINT for Hospitals and Medical Centers class (domain). Includes ...
nsa areaNo Shooting AreaspubsafecouncilNo Shooting Areas designated by King County Council
patrol_districts areaKing County Sheriff Patrol DistrictspubsafekcsoA patrol district consists of one or more reporting districts (areas). ...
ph_clinics pointPublic Health ClinicspubsafedphGeneral location of Public Health of Seattle and King County Medical ...
restaurant_inspections pointRestaurant Inspections - Public Health - Seattle and King CountypubsafedphFood establishments that sell or serve food to the public must ...
veterans_human_services_levy point No Title pubsafegisc No Abstract