2005 Aerials Express natural color orthoimagery

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What does this data set describe?

Title: 2005 Aerials Express natural color orthoimagery
Year 2005 (July) Aerials Express Natural Color orthoimagery acquired by King County for internal business and agency use only. Pixel resolution is 1.0 foot and coverage is western, urbanized, portions of King County, southwestern Snohomish County and a buffer into Pierce County.
Supplemental_Information: None
  1. How should this data set be cited?

    Express, Aerials, 200507, 2005 Aerials Express natural color orthoimagery: Aerials Express, King County; WA.

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  2. What geographic area does the data set cover?

    West_Bounding_Coordinate: -122.44
    East_Bounding_Coordinate: -122.23
    North_Bounding_Coordinate: 47.74
    South_Bounding_Coordinate: 47.49

  3. What does it look like?

  4. Does the data set describe conditions during a particular time period?

    Beginning_Date: Jul-2005
    Ending_Date: Jul-2005
    Currentness_Reference: ground condition

  5. What is the general form of this data set?

    Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: Raster image data

  6. How does the data set represent geographic features?

    1. How are geographic features stored in the data set?

      This is a Raster data set. It contains the following raster data types:

      • Dimensions, type Pixel

    2. What coordinate system is used to represent geographic features?

      Grid_Coordinate_System_Name: State Plane Coordinate System
      SPCS_Zone_Identifier: Washington North
      Standard_Parallel: 47.500000
      Standard_Parallel: 48.733333
      Longitude_of_Central_Meridian: -120.833333
      Latitude_of_Projection_Origin: 47.000000
      False_Easting: 1640416.666500
      False_Northing: 0.000000

      Planar coordinates are encoded using Row and column
      Abscissae (x-coordinates) are specified to the nearest 1
      Ordinates (y-coordinates) are specified to the nearest 1
      Planar coordinates are specified in Feet

      The horizontal datum used is North American Datum of 1983; 1991 correction.
      The ellipsoid used is GRS 80.
      The semi-major axis of the ellipsoid used is 20925604.4720406.
      The flattening of the ellipsoid used is 1/298.26.

  7. How does the data set describe geographic features?

Who produced the data set?

  1. Who are the originators of the data set? (may include formal authors, digital compilers, and editors)

  2. Who also contributed to the data set?

  3. To whom should users address questions about the data?

    Mike Leathers
    GIS Data Coordinator
    201 S Jackson St
    Seattle, WA 98104

    206-263-4867 (voice)

Why was the data set created?

Color orthophoto imagery for King Co and portions of adjoining counties

How was the data set created?

  1. From what previous works were the data drawn?

  2. How were the data generated, processed, and modified?

    Date: Aug-2006 (process 1 of 2)
    Data acquired from Aerials Express in August 2006 via portable harddrive. Original delivery did not contain all the required tiles. Aerials Express resubmitted the project area in its entirety in the second harddrive delivery.

    Date: Sep-2006 (process 2 of 2)
    The data had been tiled to King County's 7500 tiling scheme by Aerial Express. Tiles were renamed to King County's standard naming convention and stored in the Spatial Data Warehouse. The tiles were inventoried, selected edge tiles containing very little valid data were removed. The remaining tiles were submitted to an ArcInfo AML-driven grid routine to create temporary tile sets clipped to each of the townships within the extent of the data. These tile sets were then mosaiced and compressed (7x) using MrSid software.

  3. What similar or related data should the user be aware of?

How reliable are the data; what problems remain in the data set?

  1. How well have the observations been checked?

    There are no attributes associated with these raster data formats.

  2. How accurate are the geographic locations?

  3. How accurate are the heights or depths?

  4. Where are the gaps in the data? What is missing?

    Not all 7500 foot tiles and Township-Range tiles along the edges of the project area are complete image tiles. Some tiles contain black (0 value) bands for portion of the tile area. These are limited to only a few tiles in the northeastern portion of the project area. Other tiles were mostly black and contained very little valid imagery. These tiles were removed from the project as they contained very little data and occurred near the edge of the project data.

  5. How consistent are the relationships among the observations, including topology?


How can someone get a copy of the data set?

Are there legal restrictions on access or use of the data?

Access to the data is limited to King County government agencies. The data is not to be redistributed in digital form to any other users. Limited use within a defined scope-of-work may be allowed for non-KC entities working for King County.
King County digital data may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form or by any means without the express written authorization of the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks/KCGIS-Center.

  1. Who distributes the data set? (Distributor 1 of 1)

    Mike Leathers
    KC GIS Center
    GIS Data Coordinator
    201 S Jackson St
    Seattle, WA 98104

    206-263-4867 (voice)

  2. What's the catalog number I need to order this data set?


  3. What legal disclaimers am I supposed to read?

    King County disclaims any warranty of use of any digital product or data beyond that for which it was designed.

  4. How can I download or order the data?

Who wrote the metadata?

Last modified: 05-Sep-2006
Metadata author:
Mike Leathers
GIS Data Coordinator
201 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98104

206-263-4867 (voice)

Metadata standard:
FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (FGDC-STD-001-1998)

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